8,124 squared

an island which is located at 66 degrees north latitude – a land that is almost entirely shaped by volcanos, underground geothermal processes and tracks left by glaciers of the last ice age. geologically, iceland is intersected by the mid-atlantic ridge along which many volcanos such as the eyjafjallajökull are located. the ridge separates the eurasian and north american plates constantly due to its spreading activity.

every single place we visited and every single day brought us into a completely new environment. i am barely able to express in words how sky, sea and land interacted with each other to generate rich colors and contrasts. above that, the country is packed with old abandoned huts, machines, factories and even wrecked ships. along the road we spotted many places that would have driven most photographers completely mad. thanks that my buddy was also an enthusiast – we’ve spent a lot of time just waiting for the right light conditions or to reach isolated places by trekking. we definitely had a great time, chris!

this album has carefully been selected in order to represent all aspects of this country – its landscape, the characters of the nature, some isolated places, the people, little villages, abandoned fish factories and the country’s architecture. every now and then i recall memories of this trip – a land that perfectly reminds me of life – sometimes beautiful, sometimes rough, always fascinating, challenging, surprising and unpredictable. having been to iceland means a lot to me and i will definitely return.

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