der greif #5

since 17th of december 2011, the new issue of DER GREIF is available in selected stores in munich, hamburg, berlin, cologne, new york and paris. it’s a magazine free of advertisement that conserves and creates a contemporary idea of photography and literature. i have been asked by my girlfriend to submit a few of my works. i am very happy that one of my pictures has been printed in the latest issue. if you are interested in buying the magazine, please go to their website DER GREIF shop.

the selected picture has been taken at the hoover dam at the border between nevada and arizona, usa. it shows one of the penstock towers at the upstream face of the dam (lake mead). these towers aim to funnel the water from the colorado river down towards the powerhouse where the water passes through the huge turbines. on average, the dam produces 4.2 terra watt hours per annum to provide power for public and private utilities in nevada, arizona and california.

lake mead is finally the result of the water impound by the dam project. due to draught, less than average snowfalls in the past winters and due to the high quantity of water used by cities nearby, the water level has come down to a critical level. as a matter of fact, the penstock towers are exposed nearly by half. this inspired me to name the picture “water is gone”. the picture can be found in my album.

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